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Feline Senior Questionnaire


    Symptom Checklist for Senior Cats

    Please CHECK all that apply to your cat

    My cat is just not acting like himselfMy cat is not seeking much attention and interacts lessMy cat seems confused or disorientedMy cat has been meowing for no apparent reasonMy cat's sleeping patterns have changedMy cat has had tremors or episodes of shakingMy cat has displayed circling, head tilts or repetitive movements

    My cat has been coughing or sneezingMy cat seems to be pantingMy cat tires more rapidly or seems short of breath

    I have noticed a change in my cat's activity levelMy cat has difficulty climbing stairs and jumping up to bed or counterMy cat seems lame or stiff and has difficulty rising from a resting positionMy cat shows signs of pain (hiding, unusually quiet or vocalizing frequently)

    My cat has bad breath and/or red or swollen gums.My cat has difficulty chewingMy cat has gained or lost weightMy cat is drinking more water than usualI have noticed a change in my cat's urine productionMy cat's litter-box habits have changed and he/she sometimes has accidentsMy cat's bowel habits have changed (increase frequency, diarrhea, constipation or straining)My cat vomits more than in the pastMy cat seems to have trouble seeingMy cat seems to have trouble hearingMy cat is bumping into things

    My cat scratches, licks, and/or chews excessivelyMy cat has changes in hair coat, skin or new lumps and bumpsMy cat's skin has an odorI have noticed a change in my cat's grooming habitsMy cat gets mats now