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Pet Loss

Our goal at Mendon Village Animal Hospital is to help your pet have the best quality of life possible. If your pet is very sick and the bad days are becoming more frequent, the time may come to consider other options. Your pet’s veterinarian will work with you to determine if and when humane euthanasia may be the appropriate choice. We do everything in our power to ensure that this experience is as peaceful and comforting as it can be for you and your pet. You are given all the time you need to say goodbye, and the choice is yours whether to be with your pet.

Support & Resources

Losing a beloved pet can be as difficult as a member of the family passing. Mendon Village Animal Hospital’s entire staff appreciates your family’s need for compassion at what many people consider a difficult time of change. We sincerely hope that these resources are helpful and comforting to you.

We have a wonderful relationship with the reputable and compassionate Paul W. Harris Funeral Home, to which we are pleased to refer you. Located in Rochester, they offer Pets at Peace Memorial and Cremation Services and will help you decide on communal, private, and semi-private cremations. They also are available to assist in arranging a memorial service that is right for you.

Please feel free to call us if you would like more information.

The link to be used for Pets at Peace is as follows: