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Puppies & Kittens

Get Your New Puppy or Kitten Off to a Healthy Start With Us

Welcoming a new pet into your household is an exciting time, and Mendon Village Animal Hospital’s veterinarians know how to keep him or her healthy right from the very start. Establishing a routine of regular examinations as soon as possible after your new pet joins your family lets us get to know your pet both medically and socially.

Early Exams Benefit Your Pet

A veterinarian should exam a new puppy or kitten as soon as possible. We will check your new pet from nose to tail and advise when to start regular examinations and immunizations, usually beginning at 6–8 weeks of age.

During your new pet’s initial examination, we will discuss and develop a schedule with you for:

  • Vaccinations tailored to your pet
  • Spay or neuter
  • Diet, nutrition, and the proper foods
  • Tooth brushing and dental care
  • House and litter box training
  • Obedience class recommendations
  • Behavioral problems and concerns

Your pet’s early visits are useful to begin desensitization of the feet and mouth to help make future dental examinations and nail trims more comfortable for everyone. Frequent, positive contact with our staff members from an early age enhances your pet’s future interactions with your family and other people.

Nutrition Is Vital for Healthy Puppies & Kittens

Obesity is an easily avoidable pet health problem. It is very important to establish good eating and exercise habits at this stage of your pet’s life. You might enjoy giving your pet extra treats or scraps from the table, but this can lead to serious health problems. Establishing good eating and exercise habits from the beginning will make it unnecessary to break bad habits later. This practice allows you to help your pet avoid obesity or nutritional deficits. We will instruct your whole family on the right amount and kind of pet food to feed from your pet’s first day in your home.

Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

Many pets without forever homes face being humanely euthanized each day. Spaying and neutering is a good way of keeping the unwanted pet population low. These procedures benefit your pet’s health in many ways as well.

  • Spaying your dog before her first heat cycle reduces her chances of mammary cancer and uterine infections.
  • Neutering your dog helps to lessen the chance of prostate problems as well as testicular cancer.
  • Sterilization of your cat or dog increases the probability that your pet will have a longer, healthier life. Spaying or neutering your canine friend can increase the lifespan 1–3 years and cats, on average, may live 3–5 years longer.

It is recommended that you have your dog undergo this procedure at 10–12 months of age if male and 6 months of age for a female. Both male and female cats can have this surgery at 6 months.

Questions, Answers & Continuing Care

Another helpful tool is the Pet Portal. Your Pet Portal saves you time and helps make caring for your pets simpler and more efficient. It’s like having access to Mendon Village Animal Hospital any time, day or night.

If you’ve never visited your Pet Portal, don’t wait any longer. Your portal is ready for you, already populated with all the pet information you need. Your user name is the email address you have on file with us. If you are a first-time visitor, use the password supplied to you via email. If you don’t have an email account, just complete the “Create an Account” section. After your first log in, you can change your password. When you see “Don’t know your password?” just click on “Forgot my password.”

Once you log in, you will see the home page that lists your pets, your profile information, your email preferences, and interesting links to pet health information.

Mendon Village Animal Hospital’s veterinarians and staff will continue to work with you as your pet grows into a healthy adult and eventually a faithful senior pet. We look forward to helping you help your pet live a long, happy life.