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Senior Pet Care

Enjoy Your Pet’s Golden Years With The Best Senior Care

Our pet companions become increasingly important to us as the years go by. But no matter how long they are with us, one thing they cannot do is tell us in words that they are hurting. Because of advances in veterinary medicine, pets are living longer and this means that we see more animals with age-related problems than ever before. These can include:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Organ failure
  • Cancer
  • Dental issues
  • Obesity

At Mendon Village Animal Hospital, we will do everything possible to find out if there are medical problems and give you and your pet the right answers.

Senior Pet Care Benefits Older Cats & Dogs

It is often thought that every pet is considered a senior when he or she reaches a certain age on a chart. As pets get older, we need to examine them differently and more often. Depending on the breed and lifestyle, senior status may be attained earlier for some pets and later for others.

Mendon Village Animal Hospital recommends more frequent wellness examinations for senior pets. We will perform a very gentle hands-on exam and, because you spend far more time with your pet than we do, we will ask about changes in behavior or appetite that may indicate more serious illness.

The following links are for our downloadable senior wellness checklist and senior questionnaire for dogs and cats.

Older Pets Should Remain Active

Just because your dog or cat is a senior, there is no reason that he or she must slow down. There are many new medications and dietary supplements that we can prescribe now to help improve your senior pet’s quality of life. For example, pain medications or dietary supplements for chronic arthritis can relieve discomfort and inflammation, resulting in your pet being more comfortable. A change in diet or variations in the type and amount of exercise he or she gets may help to keep your pet in good condition, have better mobility, and be much happier.