The Services & Quality Care We Offer.

Our dedicated staff are focused on providing the best possible veterinary care for your pets.

We believe the highest quality care comes from a combination of top of the line equipment and diagnostic tools, a highly trained staff, and a healthy dose of love and compassion for the pets we treat.

Wellness Care

  • Annual Preventative Care Exams are an important part of keeping your pet happy and healthy! Your pet’s veterinarian will perform a full physical exam, assessing their heart and lungs, eyes, ears, weight, internal organs, skin and coat, joint health and so much more.
  • Vaccinations: At every annual exam, our veterinarians will work with you to determine which vaccines are right for your pets.
  • From puppy and kittenhood through senior years, our veterinarians will provide your pets with specialized care tailored to your pet’s age, breed and individual needs.
  • At MVAH, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to patient care. Our doctors are focused on including pet owners in making a health care plan that best suits your pet’s lifestyle!
  • Diagnostic Labwork

    Our in-house laboratory is fully equipped to allow us to run a wide variety diagnostic tests, with rapid results when we need them most. Some of these include:

    • heartworm, lyme and two other tick borne diseases (anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis) -commonly referred to as 4DX tests
    • feline leukemia and FIV testing
    • blood chemistry (liver and kidney function, electrolytes, blood glucose, etc.)
    • hematology (complete blood count)
    • urinalysis
    • cytology

    We also work with a variety of outside veterinary laboratories for more specialized testing, including, but not limited to:

    • comprehensive intestinal parasite screens
    • in-depth blood chemistry and complete blood count
    • culture and sensitivity
    • histopathology


    Digital X-Ray

    • Our digital x-ray machine is an invaluable diagnostic tool. As opposed to traditional chemically processed x-rays, which required a higher level of radiation, digital x-rays are a safer and more efficient way to get clear, high quality images that give our veterinarians a better idea of what’s going on below the surface. Digital x-rays can be easily sent to specialty hospitals or submitted for review by board certified radiologists, should the need arise.


    • Ultrasound is non-invasive, and uses high frequency sound waves to produce detailed images of your pet’s internal organs. Our in-house ultrasound can be used as an additional tool to aid our veterinarians in diagnosing a wide variety of illnesses or diseases.

    Board Certified Radiologist

    • Dr. Linda Homco is a board certified veterinary radiologist who travels to our practice each week to perform ultrasound exams on a referral-only basis. Her experience and expertise are unmatched!


    We perform the following routine surgical procedures. Surgery is performed Monday thru Friday.

    • Routine spays and neuters
    • Cryptorchid neuters
    • Laceration repair
    • Tumor removal
    • Foreign body/intestinal surgery
    • Cystotomy/bladder surgery
    • Prolapsed third eyelid (“Cherry eye”) repair
    • And more!

    All surgical procedures are performed by our experienced licensed veterinarians.

    As a general rule, surgical procedures will include pre-anesthetic bloodwork, IV fluids and pain management tailored to your pet’s needs.

    Routine surgery

    A licensed veterinary technician is present at all times to assist the veterinarian and monitor your pet while under anesthesia. Our skilled technicians are trained in the use of electrocardiography (EKG), blood pressure monitoring, pulse oximetry, and capnography. We use a combination of each of these to maintain your pet’s wellbeing during all anesthetic procedures.

    Each of our surgical patients is given focused attention by a patient care advocate, whose role it is to provide comfort and care for your pet throughout their stay with us.

    The surgical admission process
    All surgeries have a scheduled admission appointment between 7am and 8am. The surgical admission process is completed by one of our licensed veterinary technicians. They will go over all of your pet’s consent forms and treatment plans. You are given the opportunity to ask about the procedure and see where your pet will be staying to make you feel at ease. You are welcome to bring in a toy, blanket or any other item from home to help make your pet feel comfortable and less stressed.


    Oral health is an extremely important part of your pet’s overall wellness. Dental disease can lead to pain and discomfort, difficulty eating, as well as heart, liver and kidney disease. Our animal hospital is equipped with top of the line dentistry equipment. Each dental procedure we perform includes the following:

    1. A thorough oral exam is performed to assess your pet’s general oral health. Each individual tooth is evaluated for signs of periodontal disease (including gingivitis, pocketing and root exposure). The veterinarian will make note of missing or extra teeth, tooth fractures, cavities or resorptive lesions, and mobile teeth.
    2. A comprehensive cleaning is performed by a licensed veterinary technician. An ultrasonic scaler is used to safely remove plaque and tartar both above and below the gum line.
    3. After cleaning, all surfaces of the teeth are polished to provide a smooth surface to slow the recurrence of plaque and tartar buildup.
    4. Full-mouth dental x-rays are included in every dentistry. Our digital dental x-rays are an integral part of our dental procedures. They help to detect dental disease and infection below the gum line, and confirm the need for tooth extraction.
    5. Any necessary tooth extractions will be performed solely by a veterinarian.

    Please note: All dental cleanings are performed under general anesthesia. Anesthesia-free dentals are not safe OR effective! The majority of dental disease happens below the gum line. Thorough cleanings, dental radiographs and tooth extraction cannot be performed on an awake patient.


    We maintain a complete veterinary pharmacy stocked with prescription medication, a variety of supplements, and our recommended flea/tick and heartworm/intestinal parasite preventatives. We also stock a limited supply of prescription diets. Any diet that is not regularly stocked can be special-ordered for our patients on an as needed basis.

    For your convenience, we also offer an online pharmacy where you can safely order your pet’s medication, preventatives or prescription diets and have them shipped right to your door.

    Laser Therapy

    We are pleased to offer cold laser therapy, a cutting edge technology that uses light energy at specific wavelengths to increase healing, enhance speed of recovery, and reduce pain, inflammation and swelling.

    The Class IV laser used at our hospital is specifically designed for animals, and delivers dual wavelengths to reduce pain and inflammation simultaneously.

    Depending on your pet’s individual needs, laser therapy can be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to medication or surgery.

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